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We assume that adequate information on each mine has been gathered in order to properly use the following decision matrix to make decisions as to whether a closure is warranted and what type(s) are recommended. It is not the purpose of this decision matrix to discuss internal and external mine assessment processes, but these are essential steps before any closure. As a general rule, we strongly discourage the whack-a-mole management style in which individual mines are managed as crises develop. This approach is often more expensive than a landscape-level approach and rarely results in meaningful conservation. Regardless of the purpose of closure or scale of management, however, specific types of data will always be needed for responsible abandoned-mine reclamation projects. These data must be acquired before actual closure activities begin. Comprehensive project planning should be made during the pre-survey, planning phase. Timelines should be established so that all location, survey and construction activities are appropriately timed and realistically attainable